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Office of Human Resources

About HR

Strategic Initiatives

    Collective Bargaining:

    Build, administer, and maintain harmonious labor/management relations that foster a productive FSU workforce.

    On-boarding and Retention:

    Provide sustainable on-boarding services to new employees as well as innovative tools and practices to assist departments with faculty and staff retention needs.

    Compliance/Diversity and Inclusion

    Foster a compliant, diverse and inclusive work and education environment that will support the University's mission of education, research, and public service.

    Leverage Technology to Attain Maximum Performance

    Fully utilize technology to complete HR tasks and objectives. Maximize the output of resources through leveraging technology.

    Develop a High Performance Organization

    Create value to the University by maximizing individual abilities and enhancing organizational capabilities to achieve higher levels of performance through leadership and organizational development, performance management, strategic planning and managing practices that are fair and promotes high ethical standards.