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Office of Human Resources

Employee & Labor Relations

UFF Faculty Bargaining Unit


In Unit Classes

All faculty members in the following position classifications holding regular, visiting, provisional, research, affiliate, or joint appointments are included in the bargaining unit:

9001 Professor
9002 Associate Professor
9003 Assistant Professor
9009 Eminent Scholar
9053 University Librarian
9054 Associate University Librarian
9055 Assistant University Librarian
9060 Teaching Faculty I
9061 Teaching Faculty II
9062 Teaching Faculty III
9070 Instructional Specialist I
9071 Instructional Specialist II
9072 Instructional Specialist III
9080 Research Faculty I
9081 Research Faculty II
9082 Research Faculty III
9120 Associate in ________________*
9121 Assistant in ________________*
9126 Program Director*
9130 Specialist, Computer Research
9135 Specialist, Music
9140 Childcare Specialist
9150 Curator
9151 Associate Curator
9152 Assistant Curator
9160 Scholar/Scientist/Engineer*
9165 Senior Research Associate
9166 Research Associate*
9167 Associate in Research
9168 Assistant in Research

Together with chairpersons (Administrative Code: C1) in the following colleges and schools:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Communication**
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Social Sciences**
  • School of Visual Arts and Dance**

And employees in the above classifications with the following administrative titles: Associate Chair (C2), Assistant Chair (C3), Coordinator (N1); Program Director (G1), Associate Program Director (G2), Assistant Program Director (G3), Department Head (H1), Associate Department Head (H2), Assistant Department Head (H3), and Counselor/Advisor (B1).


  • Department Chairs in departments not specifically included above, employees in the included classifications with administrative titles not specifically included above, Deans, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, and all other administrators above them, Administrative & Professional employees not specifically included, employees of the College of Law and College of Medicine, employees serving as members of the University Board of Trustees, managerial employees, confidential employees, and all other employees.
  • * Scheduled to be eliminated after implementation of the Specialized Faculty Reclassification Project and once all grandfathered incumbents vacate these positions.
  • ** The College of Communication and Information is considered the successor to the College of Communication, the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy is considered the successor to the College of Social Sciences, and the College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance is considered the successor to the School of Visual Arts and Dance.