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Office of Human Resources

All Forms - Alphabetized

Form Name Form Links Revised
Accident Investigation Report Fill   02/28/19
Acknowledgement of Work Abroad Fill   03/20/2018
Additional Pay   06/17/2014
Additional Pay - Foundation Funds Fill   04/24/2018
Administrative Discretionary Increases (ADI) Checklist Fill  
Affidavit of Good Moral Character Fill   02/28/2020
Alternate Work Schedule Request Fill   10/13/2017
Appointment Letter Checklist 2019-2020 Print   08/29/2019
Appointment Papers Matrix Print   02/27/2019
Arrest Notification Form Print   01/10/2018
Background Check Process   07/12/2017
Certification of Current Member of Reserves  
Certification of Unremarried Widow or Widower  
Child Labor Laws Print   ---
Clearinghouse Demographic Sheet Fill   02/28/2020
Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledgment Print 02/28/2020
Compensatory Leave Retention Form Fill   10/23/2019
Complaint Procedures for USPS and A&P Employees Print   08/2010
Confidentiality Statement Print   12/04/2019
Contract Instructions (Summer) Fill   05/20/2020
Controlled Substance Conviction Form Print   01/08/2014
Courtesy Appointment Form Fill   04/02/2019
Courtesy Appointment Worksheet Fill   07/23/2019
Courtesy MOU. Fill   09/15/2020
Criminal History Background Check Website   11/29/2018
Data Change Form Print  
Department Data Entry Worksheet Fill   08/06/2019
Direct Deposit   05/2017
Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Retaliation Complaint Form Fill   05/29/2015
DROP Leave Election Print   12/16/2015
DROP Retirement Forms Packet  
DRS Background Check Notification Fill   06/22/2017
Drug Policy Print   09/2010
Dual Compensation Form Fill   10/22/2019
E-Verify Poster Print   09/2017
EEO & Affirmative Action Provisions Notice Print   06/14/2018
Employee Dependent Scholarship Print   07/19/2019
Employee Discount Program Vendor Application Fill   04/22/2019
Employee Transfer Checklist Print   10/09/2019
Employee Tuition Scholarship Guidelines and Application Fill   12/02/2016
Employer Reference Check Form Fill   12/2004
Employment and Eligibility Verification I-9   ---
Employment Appointment Checklist - A&P Fill   05/04/2020
Employment Appointment Checklist - OPS Fill   05/04/2020
Employment Appointment Checklist - OPS Faculty Fill   04/03/2020
Employment Appointment Checklist - USPS Fill   05/04/2020
Employment Appointment Checklist- Faculty Fill   05/04/2020
Employment Contract Faculty Adjunct Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty FSUS 10 Month Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty In-Unit Fill   10/16/2016
Employment Contract Faculty Out-Of-Unit Fill   10/19/2016
Employment Contract Faculty Summer Supplemental In-Unit Fill  
Employment Contract Faculty Summer Supplemental Out-of-unit Fill  
Employment Contracts - Executive Service Fill   06/17/2014
Employment Contracts - Out-of-Unit A&P - E&G Funded Fill   06/18/2014
Employment Contracts - Out-of-Unit A&P - Soft-Money Funded Fill   06/18/2014
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy Form Fill   10/15/2019
Enhanced Whistleblower Protection Print   08/14/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law Print   ---
Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law (Part 2 - supplemental) Print  
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement Print   06/14/2018
EthicsPoint Poster Print   ---
Example Oral Reprimand Print  
Example Written Reprimand Print  
Excess Annual Leave Retention Request Fill   10/15/2019
Exemption per FS119 Fill   05/05/2016
Exemption per FS119 Information Sheet Print   08/22/2018
Exit Survey Print 10/31/2014
Faculty Contracts Reference Chart Fill   06/21/2019
Faculty Job Posting Checklists Print   04/13/2017
Faculty Title Change Action Fill   ---
Faculty/Staff Applicant Flow Log   09/21/2017
Fair Labor Standards Act Federal Minimum Wage  
Federal OSHA Print   ---
First Report of Injury or Illness Fill  
Florida Discrimination Print   ---
Florida Minimum Wage   04/10/2017
Florida Prepaid College Plan Payroll Deduction Authorization Print   05/11/2018
Florida State University Employee Dependent Scholarship – Application Fill   07/17/2018
FMLA Print   ---
FMLA - Checklist for Departments Print   11/03/2015
FMLA - Checklist for Employees Print   11/03/2015
FMLA - Parental Leave Request and Notice Form Fill   11/03/2015
FMLA - Time Entry Instructions Print   05/10/2011
Foreign Government Talent Recruitment Program Fill   05/12/2020
FRS Investment Plan Beneficiary Change   ---
FRS Investment Plan Employment Termination   ---
FRS New Employee Certification Form   08/19/2020
FRS Pension Plan Beneficiary Designation   ---
FRS Pension Plan Information Request   ---
FRS Pension Plan Notice of Reemployment for Suspension of Retirement Benefits   ---
FSU EEO Non-Discrimination Statement Print   ---
FSUS Criminal Offense Notification Print   10/19/2016
Hiring Freeze Exception Request Fill   05/06/2020
HR Department Table Update Form Fill 03/04/2019
Invitation to Self Identify Print   ---
IRS Withholding Print   ---
Justification for the Late Submission of Appointment Paperwork Fill   10/29/2018
Leave Adjustment Fill   08/09/2016
Leave Audit Form Fill   06/23/2017
Leave of Absence Fill   06/06/2019
Loyalty Oath Print   09/30/2020
Memorandum of Understanding Agreement Fill   09/09/2020
Military Leave Checklist for Departments Print   04/20/2016
Military Leave Checklist for Employees Called to Active Duty Print   03/02/2020
Moving Expense Liability Release Print   04/2007
Name Change Request Fill   06/30/2017
New Faculty Paper Backups Checklist Print   06/27/2017
Non-FSU Compensated Phone Listing Form Fill   06/30/2017
Offer Letter Sample - A&P Print   03/11/2020
Offer Letter Sample - Executive Service Print   06/13/2019
Offer Letter Sample - Postdoctoral Scholar Print   09/20/2017
Offer Letter Sample - Specialized Faculty Print   06/13/2019
Offer Letter Sample - Tenure Track Faculty Print   06/13/2019
Offer Letter Sample - USPS Print   03/11/2020
Offer Letter Sample - USPS Time-Limited Print   03/11/2020
OPS Exempt Appointment Request Fill   04/08/2020
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Change Form   ---
Oral Reprimand Template Print   03/2014
ORP Mandatory Participation Form (for faculty members in the College of Medicine)   ---
OSC Right to Work (English) Print   ---
OSC Right to Work (Spanish) Print   ---
Outside Employment Fill   9/21/2020
Paid Parental Leave(Faculty) Fill   03/11/2019
Performance Evaluation (Graduate Assistants) Print   08/07/2015
Perquisites or Sale of Goods & Services Approval Fill   08/18/2017
Personnel Action Fill   10/14/2014
Position Description (A&P and USPS) Fill   09/13/2016
Position Management Action Page (PMAP) Fill   08/26/2016
Preferred Name Request   07/12/2017
Reasonable Accommodations Request Fill   01/2012
Rehire Packet Fill   01/09/2020
Remote Hire with Agent Request Form Fill 05/4/2020
Request for Approval to Pay Moving Expenses Fill   05/02/2019
Retirement 2nd Election Plan Choice   ---
Retirement Plan Choice For ORP Eligible Employees (A&P and Faculty)   ---
Retirement Plan Choice for USPS Employees   ---
Salary Analysis Request   ---
Salary Reduction Agreement 403(b) Print 04/23/2020
Salary Reduction Agreement Roth 403(b) Print 04/23/2020
Salary/Appointment Explanation Fill   08/26/2019
Sample Courtesy Postdoctoral Scholar Offer Letter Print   11/04/2014
Sample Regret Letter Print   ---
Search & Screening Guide   05/21/2010
Separation Checklist Fill   08/28/2020
Service Retirement Forms Packet  
Sexual Harassment Policy   ---
Sick Leave Pool Membership Application Fill   10 /7/2020
Sick Leave Pool Membership Termination Fill   01/28/2019
Sick Leave Pool Physician's Report & Request to Use Hours Fill   02/26/2020
Sign-On Bonus Form Fill   04/30/2019
Social Security Number Usage Notification Print   08/01/2017
Summary of Benefits Print   08/15/2018
Summer Camp Background Check Roster   03/03/2017
Summer Camp BGC FL K-12 Teacher Memo Fill   03/03/2017
Supervisory Change Form Fill  
Supervisory Change Form - Multiple Positions Fill   11/08/2011
Supervisory Change Form - Single Position Fill   03/28/2013
Telecommuting Agreement Fill   07/05/2017
Telecommuting Checklist Print   06/23/2017
Temporary NRA Identification Number Statement Print   ---
Time Approval Group FAQ Fill   11/23/2015
Time Approval Group Security Request Form Fill   03/04/2019
Title IX Statement Print   02/12/2018
Transcript Procedures FAQs Fill   02/25/2020
Unemployment Insurance Print   ---
USERRA Print   ---
Verification of Education Experience Fill   07/16/2014
Veterans' Preference Certification  
Veterans’ Preference - Required Documentation Print   04/17/2017
Volunteer Service Print   ---
W-4   12/20/2019
Workers' Compensation Print   ---
Workers' Compensation Guidelines   ---
Workgroup Change Fill   12/07/2016
Workgroup to Workgroup Matrix Print   03/23/2012
Written Reprimand Template Print   03/2014